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Borri Ingenio Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung Bereich nun auch für Großbritannien Markt

Designed and manufactured by the internationally acclaimed UPS specialist Borri, the transformer free, online double conversion Ingenio series will be available as a standard 30 – 50kVA UPS solution and as a 60 – 160kVA Plus.

Gestützt auf die gleiche Philosophie, Know-how und Engineering-Stammbaum, der Borri ist bekannt für demonstriert die Ingenio Reihe neuer innovativer Konstruktions- und Fertigungsmethoden die modernste, effiziente und niedrigsten Betriebskosten Borri Produktpalette auf dem Laufenden zu liefern.

This exclusive new product launch further cements PCL’s long standing relationship with the Italian manufacturer. Borri’s CCO, Bessam Moutragi commented:

“PCL is our exclusive UK partner for commercial UPS and as such we have every confidence that they will successfully position the Ingenio at the forefront of the industry.

“PCL has already proven to be an extremely valuable partner for Borri, having achieved a great market presence for the Borri brand. PCL’s vision for the Borri brand, execution in delivering our technologies to the UK and its unmatchable service support has undoubtedly made them the preferred power solutions for many businesses in the country.”

Following PCL’s rebrand at the beginning of the year, it has already posted significant growth and sales figures. As part of PCL’s long term business strategy to help it achieve even greater market share it is actively appointing UK partners that will benefit from guaranteed stock and delivery, product sales, technical training and competitive trade pricing.

Commenting on the release of the Borri Ingenio UPS series and PCL’s relationship with Borri, the company’s managing director Mark Trolley said:

“The exclusive launch of the Ingenio range of UPS from Borri signals a very exciting time for both companies and further highlights the strength of our relationship.

“PCL has been an elite UK partner for Borri for many years and as such we have an unrivalled high level of engineering involvement and receive invaluable direct manufacturing and technical back-up from Borri. This, coupled with our all encompassing service and maintenance programmes and high UPS and product spares stock levels, makes PCL the chosen power solutions provider for so many businesses.

“With regards to the new Ingenio range we are looking forward to working with our carefully selected partners to ensure that the technologies are communicated to the UK market in a precise and proactive manner. As we are currently looking to expand our partner network we are confident that we will see a significant uptake in the Ingenio series and other Borri three phase UPS solutions over the next few months.”

Mit nichts Vergleichbares auf dem Markt der Ingenio Plus verfügt über eine beeindruckende interne Batterie Fähigkeit, die kein anderer Hersteller bieten kann. Die Leistungsdichte der USV ist sehr beeindruckend und die Geräte bis zu 80kW auch Raum für interne Batterien für eine 10 Minute Autonomie bei Volllast. Sollte die Anwendung einen Trenntransformator erfordern, kann es auch als Option anstelle der internen Batterien installiert werden.

The Borri Ingenio Plus incorporates all the same innovative multifunctional characteristics of the standard Ingenio but also delivers unity power factor and features Borri’s patented, highly coveted Green Conversion technology, which provides improved battery life expectancy and overall operating efficiency of up to 99%

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  • Clara Cifuentes Retamal sagt:

    Buenas tardes, trabajo en una empresa de mantenimiento de edificios. Estamos realizando una oferta para el mantenimiento de un edificio que tiene varias unidades, SAI, modelo B500, desde 6 KVA hasta 30 KVA. Por favor, necesito presupuesto para el mantenimiento de estos equipos.
    Vielen Dank

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    Good afternoon, I work in a building maintenance company. We are making an offer for the maintenance of a building that has several units, UPS, model B500, from 6 KVA to 30 KVA. Please, I need a budget for the maintenance of these equipment.
    Vielen Dank

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